1. The Bitter End

From the recording Still Around

Written by Chris Gleason
Mule-in-a-Swamp Music (ASCAP)
copyright 2017

Chris Gleason – vocals, acoustic guitar

Lucy Martinez – vocals

Jakub Trasak – fiddle

John Chapman – drums

Bruce Bartone – electric guitars, eBow, and organ

Shamus Feeney – bass


You hear what I'm thinking
I don't have to speak.
This is how life should be, but it's not.

Torito en la Jaula,
Capo different keys,
Clever accidents and ellipses.

Just stepped off the stage
Still more acts to play
We don't have to stay
'Til the bitter end.

Cool on the outside
Inside burning hot
Wondrin' who's there to back you up.

So hard to balance
What we say and do.
I will always find the time for you.

Know you're afraid
To leave the bed you made
But I'm holding on 'til the bitter end.

All them daily words
We're just like stray birds
All them daily words

Know you're afraid
To try a different way.
You're holding on to the bitter end.

...The bitter end
...The bitter end
...The bitter end