Nominated by The New England Music Awards 2023 

for "Americana Band of the Year."

"If you're looking for an album that lifts your intelligence rather than insulting it, then listen closely to Noise Floor Delirium's "Life Street Closed." The music is a brilliant tour de force that is at once calming and intoxicating. The songs boast a fascinating mix of melodies which range from a nod to Tom Waits, to snatches of art rock and psychedelia, capped by stunningly exploratory lyrics that touch on historical myths on up to digital paranoia. I heard everything from a Radiohead-goes-Appalachia fusion, to a Bowie "Space Oddity" side trip, to hints of vintage Pink Floyd and Leonard Cohen, plus some mandolin-etched folk-country. You don't find albums like this much anymore, so be thankful it has crossed your path." 

 -Steve Morse / former staff music critic for the Boston Globe for 28 years who now teaches Rock History at Berklee College of Music / November 16, 2022

"Few others can take the rock and roll sound so far afield of where it’s been and still come up with such gripping music."

Noise Floor Delirium's Still Around named one of Music Connection Magazine's Top 20 Prospects of 2018